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Auto Mechanic Saves Choking Baby, Thanks To Mobile Application

Auto Mechanic Saves Choking Baby, Thanks To Mobile Application

Three Ways To Winterize Your Car

Auto mechanics can literally save lives — and in more ways than you might think. According to a September 3 Fox News report, an auto mechanic came to the rescue after a baby stopped breathing in Spokane, Washington. A mobile application, used to alert people in the local area about emergencies, notified Jeff Olson about the choking baby. Olson, also a volunteer EMT, performed CPR on the baby and saved her life, all before emergency services arrived

Whether you own an Audi or a Volkswagen, auto technicians often save lives in a much more blatant way — fixing problems that may otherwise threaten your safety and the safety of your passengers. What are some of the most dangerous car problems that your mechanic can fix?

The Word “Overheating” Is Never Good You never want to hear the word “overheating” coming out of any of the 701,100 American auto mechanics’ mouths — and you especially don’t want to hear it in connection with your engine. Hopefully it’s fairly obvious, but it’s dangerous to drive with an overheated engine, and, if you continue to let the problem go, it can lead to even bigger problems. There is at least some good news. Auto maintenance services or technicians will be able to fix the problem for you, and — if you catch it early on enough — it won’t set you back that much. Volkswagen repair services and other auto repair services recommend looking for tell-tale signs, like blistering paint, to keep car repair costs as low as possible.

The Car Maintenance Mistake That Can Land You In Big Trouble Routine maintenance can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Not only will it help lower pollution and save you money on gas, it will also prevent one of the very worst car troubles: a dead engine. That oil change may not necessarily be on your list of top priorities, but putting it off again and again (and again) can actually leave you with an engine that no longer works. How does it happen? “The expensive moving parts of your engine scrape [against] each other into a heated glob of useless scrap metal,” Cars.com explains. There are approximately 87,032 car repair shops in the U.S. Don’t let car repair costs get out of hand — or wind up with a dead engine — because you aren’t paying attention, or you neglected maintenance for weeks or months on end.

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