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How to Reprogram the Key Remote for your Volkswagen Vehicle or Audi Automobile

How to Reprogram the Key Remote for your Volkswagen Vehicle or Audi Automobile

Your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile key remote, otherwise known as your Key FOB, can sometimes lose its programming. It might lose battery power requiring a replacement, or it might – for whatever reason – just conk out. In any case, the following will help you reprogram your key remote so that you can avoid the dealer at all costs. As you know, the dealer is going to charge you a lot of money to replace the battery and recharge the remote. The following will help you reprogram the unit at no cost and right in your own driveway.

DIY Key FOB Programming

Step 1: Your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile came with two keys originally – a master key and a valet key. Insert the master key into the ignition and turn the key to the ‘accessory’ position. Do not start the vehicle.

Step 2: Insert the valet key in the driver’s side door and turn the key like you are trying to unlock the door.

Step 3: With both keys in position, press the lock button on the key that you are trying to program.

Step 4: Wait one second and press the lock button again. You should hear a beep, which means that the programming is complete.

The next time your key remote stops working, don’t think that you have to rush over to the dealer for a replacement. Just change the battery and reprogram the key using the steps above. For more detailed instructions, you can search YouTube, where you can find quite a few videos on the subject.

Proper maintenance will help your vehicle last longer, it will make it run better and you will protect your investment, which will mean more savings throughout the lifetime of your car.

Here’s one that teaches how to replace the batteries and reprogram the Audi A8 automobile Key FOB. And you never have to set foot on the dealer floor.

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