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Snakes, Goo, and Mysterious Barns: The Strangest Reasons For Car Repairs

Snakes, Goo, and Mysterious Barns: The Strangest Reasons For Car Repairs

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There are approximately 701,100 American auto mechanics and car repair shops, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mechanics have seen it all, and some of the reasons that U.S. men and women end up needing car repair services are pretty weird. What are some of the strangest reasons Americans go to the mechanic?

You Won’t Believe What This Woman Found Under The Hood Of Her Truck Iowa man Jackson Ault pulled over to help a woman find the source of her car trouble. “Ault and the driver both ended up with a surprise July 10 when Ault popped the hood and found a brown and yellow python slithering across the engine block,” The Des Moines Register reports. While slithering around her engine, the snake disengaged an electrical wire, ultimately causing the woman’s car troubles.

What’s Inside This Mysterious, Locked Barn? A retired man bought property that included a disused barn. What did he find inside? “Inside were scores of vintage cars, including Aston Martins, Mercedes and various Lotus models. They are dusty but many remain road-worthy,” The U.K. Mirror writes. “The total value of the lot runs to several million pounds.” (One million pounds roughly works out to $1.7 million dollars!) Whether the man will seek foreign car repair or Volkswagen services still remains to be seen.

Why Would This Man Slather His Car In Goo? “A Lithuanian man refurbishes scrap cars with expandable foam and cardboard stencils,” Distractify writes. Why would he do this? The man is able to completely transform the cars and make even the most modest models ultimately look like something straight out of an action film.

Making semi-regular visits to car repair shops will help you decrease pollution and increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. That is far from the only reason the U.S. auto repair industry brings in $58 billion per year, however. Sometimes, drivers make rare finds, like hundreds of vintage cars in an old barn or even a large snake under the hood.

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