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The Dubwerx Experience : What You Can Expect When you Call for Automotive Service

The Dubwerx Experience : What You Can Expect When you Call for Automotive Service

Volkswagen Vehicle

Many customers calling us for automotive service have no idea what to expect. The following should help to alleviate your concerns and fill you with confidence that your trusted Volkswagen or Audi is being properly maintained and repaired by the most qualified professionals in the field.

Our Service Underwriters Have All Worked As Technicians

How frustrating is it to call a shop for an automotive question only to hear that the person who is supposed to be in charge of providing you with a quote doesn’t know certain details and will have to find a technician who does? It’s incredibly frustrating and that’s why we prefer not to work that way. When you call us for automotive service, the service underwriter you speak with is sure to be knowledgeable and helpful with all advice and recommendations.

No Over-Explaining

You might expect a service technician to drone on about your automobile using all sorts of part names and terms that you don’t quite understand. Our service underwriters will never over-explain the issue. They will keep things simple and easy to understand while conveying all the necessary information required to get your vehicle repaired, maintained and back on the road quickly

Just the Facts

When speaking to our underwriters on the phone or in person, we will always provide you with the following information:

  1. 1. Why You Brought Your Car In: Many people bring their cars into our shop after hearing a strange noise or when their car develops some type of noticeable defect, like a car that starts shaking at high speeds. In these cases, many customers ask our underwriters, “What was wrong?” We love this question as it allows us to show off our expertise as we recount to you exactly what was malfunctioning on your vehicle, and in terms that you can easily understand.
  2. 2. Diagnostics Results and Next Steps: We like to perform a complete diagnostics work up on your vehicle so that we can properly identify the problem. Without this step, we might only be putting a band-aid on the problem or, as we like to say, we might as well be throwing parts at the problem instead of fixing it. A complete diagnostics workup will save you time and money because all problems will be pinpointed, thus leading to more thorough repair and a healthier and longer-lasting automobile. Your underwriter will then prioritize the service to provide you with an itemized list of all necessary repairs.
  3. 3. How Much the Service Will Cost: We will never incur a charge on your behalf unless the service is approved by you in advance. That being said, we will make sure that you have an accurate quote so that there are no surprises when it comes time for you to drive away.
  4. 4. When Your Car Will be Returned: Your time is important to you and it’s important to us, too. We want to make sure that you are back on the road quickly, and we will always provide you with a timetable of our services to ensure that’s the case.
  5. 5. When Your Vehicle is Ready: We don’t let vehicles just hang around the shop when they’re completed. We call our customers promptly to let them know it’s time to come pick your vehicle up. Though, if you can’t come right away, we have plenty of extra parking to hold your vehicle until you’re ready.
  6. 6. We Provide Transportation Options: Our service underwriters want to make sure that you have adequate transportation to and from home or work while your vehicle is being repaired and maintained. If available, we can provide you with a loaner car, a rental or a ride to wherever you need to go. Ask your service underwriter for details.

Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and easy experience, and we urge you to call right now to see what that experience is like. We will provide you with clear and concise information, we will promptly call you back when prompted to do so and we even make it a point to follow up with you three days later to check up on your vehicle and to see if you are still happy with our service. It’s the least we can do for thanking you for being a valued customer. We look forward to seeing you in the shop.

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