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Three Ways To Winterize Your Car

Three Ways To Winterize Your Car

Three Ways To Winterize Your Car

There are approximately 87,032 auto maintenance services and auto mechanics in the U.S., and they all generally agree on one thing: winterizing cars is absolutely critical, whether you own an Audi, Volkswagen, or any other vehicle. And winter is just around the corner, even if some (or most) of us don’t want to admit it. Make sure to watch out for these things and make adjustments as necessary in the next few weeks, before winter truly arrives.

Check Your Anti-Freeze And Coolant VW repair shops suggest that owners bring in their cars for new anti-freeze at least once a year; this is a good rule of thumb for all cars and trucks. Similarly, car owners should carefully check on — or ask car repair shops — to check on their coolant levels before snow and ice become major problems. “Coolant with ethylene glycol protects your engine from corrosion. Your car’s owner’s manual or your mechanic will tell you the correct coolant-to-water ratio for your car,” The Herald News explains.

If You Expect Snow, You Need Winter Tires There are a few options here. If you live in an area with particularly nasty winters, consider purchasing all-season tires. Just like the name suggests, these tires should last year-round, even though it is — as always — wise to get them checked for pressure and traction prior to the first major snowfall. Keep in mind that all auto services and auto maintenance services are not necessarily created equal. Audi and/or Volkswagen vehicles generally require authentic OEM parts to keep cars running at their best.

Create A Winter Emergency Kit During winter, it is more important than ever to have the essentials. Stow an emergency kit in your truck or backseat. Make sure it’s filled with flashers, LED lights, a flashlight, hand warmers, a blanket, an extra phone charger, a few bottles of water, and even some snacks that could tide you over in a bind, like beef jerky.

Winter is almost here — and it’s time to make certain that your car is ready for it. Check your coolant and antifreeze, swap out tires for winter tires, and gather all necessary materials for a winter emergency kit.

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