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Automotive Innovations We Can Expect to See in the Next Decade

It is hard to predict the future, but scientists, engineers, and technicians have been slowly but surely been making headway in the automotive industry. You can expect to see major changes in the next decade. In the last thirty years, the automotive industry has made leaps and bounds, but in the next ten year, the automotive industry very well become revolutionized. 

  1. ¾ Autonomy: Imagine being chauffeured around, while you sit comfortably in the backseat, getting some work done. Imagine even the rate of drunk driving drastically lowering. Some say by 2030, you will be able to hail a driverless cab in New York. 
  2. Micro Ability: If you live in a metropolitan area, you are have seen the countless electric scooters and e-bikes whizzing around. This trend is likely to spread to other regions as well, along with smaller cars designed to complete trips of 15 miles and under. 
  3. Electric Vehicles: The future is electrifying, no pun intended. You can expect to see more and more electric vehicles on the road. Many companies have smaller, lighter electric motors in development, and you can expect to see these on the roads in the next ten years. 
  4. Electric Charging Lane: Imagine being able to charge your electric vehicle while driving to work! An electric charging lane may be something we will see in the future, but it will take a lot work and a lot of money. 
  5. Perception Sensors: Today, our vehicles “see” quite a bit on the road. Think of your vehicle’s backup cameras, parallel parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. All these sensors rely on how our vehicle’s perception sensors work, and the technology in this industry will continue to expand in the upcoming decade. 

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