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How to Prepare for Holiday Traffic

November is officially here, which means soon enough, the holy trinity of holidays will be upon us -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. If you are planning a holiday road trip, you are probably well-aware of the chaoticness you may soon be encountering as you make your way out of Cincinnati, OH and to your destination. The holiday traffic may seem daunting, but the team at Dubwerx is here to help. Here is how to prepare for Holiday traffic: 

Make an emergency kit, complete with these items: 

  • Sand, cat litter or traction mats
  • Small shovel
  • Gloves, hats, and blankets
  • Flashlights with fresh batteries and warning flares 
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Drinking water and nonperishable snacks 
  • Phone chargers 

Plan ahead of time, and map your route. There are numerous smartphone apps out there, including Waze, that allow you to plan your route ahead of time, factoring in heavy traffic and any other road conditions. 
Check the weather of your destination and any stops along the way. You never know what you may be driving through. 
Brush up on your winter driving skills -- avoid skidding by accelerating and decelerating slowly. Most importantly, be patient and avoid all distractions. 
Secure any valuables, especially if you are traveling with gifts. Keep these items out of plain sight -- out of sight, out of mind for any potential thieves. 
Keep your little ones busy with books, iPads, coloring books, or road games, which help time go by faster so you can avoid the dreaded “are we there yet?” 
Take a break every two hours or two hundred hours to avoid drowsy driving. 
Make sure your Audi, Volkswagen, or Porsche is up-to-date on all basic maintenance. If you are behind on your vehicle’s preventative maintenance, time is of the essence, as both our schedules and roads will be getting busier and busier with the holidays quickly approaching. 

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