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How to Safely Drive with Pets

At Dubwerx, safety always comes first, even down to your pets. We consider our pets our trusty sidekicks for many of us, and it is challenging to go anywhere without them. If you like bringing your pup along with you for car rides, it is essential to follow a few safety tips so the ride is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved, including your beloved pet. 

It doesn’t matter if you drive an Audi, Volkswagen, or Porsche -- these tips are applicable for all makes and models of vehicles. The team at Dubwerx has compiled a list of safety tips and tricks to ensure your next adventure with your pup goes safely and smoothly: 


  • Keep your puppy in the back seat! We are all tempted to have our pup sit in the front seat with us or even on our lap, but this can be quite dangerous. We all know how distracting our cute pets can be, which is why the safest place for your pup is in the back seat. 
  • Try out a pet carrier. If you have a tiny dog, it is best to keep your pet inside a pet carrier. Small dogs tend to run around your vehicle, which means there is a chance they might get in the way of your brake or gas pedals. If your larger pup is a little nervous, a pet carrier might help them feel safe and secure. 
  • How about a barrier? Some vehicles might not be enough to keep a large pup safe in a large carrier or kennel. In this case, we recommend trying a barrier that separates the front seat from the back. 
  • Belt your dog in. You can find seat belts attached to your dog’s harness that will keep your puppy secure. This is also especially helpful if you have a bigger dog that won’t fit inside a carrier. 
  • Minimize how much time your dog sticks his head out the window. We all know how much our pets love poking their nose out the window, but at the same time, sand, dirt, or debris can get in your vehicle and even your pup’s ears or eyes. 

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