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Is It Too Late To Winterize In January?

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Believe it or not, most drivers let winterizing (preparing your car for the winter climate) fall by the wayside. After all, we all have lives to deal with, and much more pressing matters lie at hand than our vehicle’s winter needs. But it’s still not late. The real winter hasn’t even begun yet. 


Although a sense of urgency is always a good thing, fear of being late to the game, whether it’s winterizing or something else, is a complicated feeling, when you are in a hurry and overcome by emotion, you make mistakes that are sometimes deadly. That’s a problem we see with many new and experienced drivers.


There’s still time to: 


Inspect your tires: one of the first things to do when winterizing. Tires are the limbs of your car. But remember, it’s better to inspect them late than never. 


Test the battery: Batteries aren’t fans of cold weather, and neither is your engine. But it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t check them out at the beginning of winter in December.


Change the oil: Your oil is essential if you want to start your engine during winter as a good battery. Now’s the time to check it out. 


Keep in mind: There’s time for everything. We may not get our time back, but we can delegate some of it and focus on what’s important. Instead of regretting that we didn’t do something like changing our oil earlier, we should focus on actually doing it right now. Past inaction can only be fixed with present action. But you don’t have to do it alone.

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