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Main Differences Between European, Japanese, and Domestic Vehicles

Drive down the Cincinnati streets, and you will see a variety of different European, Japanese, and Domestic models. Many of us are drawn to either European, Japanese, or Domestic vehicles, but what exactly makes these cars different? When you decide to drive an Audi, Porsche, or Volkswagen, you are deciding to drive an European vehicle that is easily distinguishable from a Domestic or Japanese model, and here is why:

  1. Design/Style: Imagine you have a European, Japanese, and Domestic vehicle parked side-by-side. What do you notice first? You will first notice int he difference in style with the European vehicle. In Europe, the looks of a vehicle is extremely important -- they design cars that are eye-catching and mesmerizing. The appearance of Japanese and American vehicles aren’t usually as sleek; Japanese car designs aren’t usually as updated as quickly as European vehicles. 
  2. Fuel-efficiency: When buying a vehicle, most people consider fuel economy, and Japanese vehicles are designed to be fuel-efficient. During the 1973 oil crisis, the popularity of Japanese cars sky-rocketed, as Japanese cars were designed to have smaller engines for optimal fuel-efficiency. If fuel-efficiency is your main goal, go with Japanese vehicles. 
  3. Performance: European vehicles are built for high-performance and power. You will be hard-pressed to find a Domestic or Japanese vehicle that can outshine an European vehicle in pure power and performance. The acceleration of these European vehicles goes unparalleled. 
  4. Strength: Domestic vehicles are known for their strength. If you need to pull a heavy load or carry a bunch of tools in your truck, a domestic vehicle is your best bet. 

The team at Dubwerx can’t get enough of European vehicles, specifically Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche models. Known for their innovation both exteriorly and internally, these European vehicles are a stand out in the automotive world. Fortunately, the technicians at Dubwerx have possess the skills, experience, and of course, passion for servicing these vehicles. 

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