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Spooky Auto Makeovers

Photo by Nate Isaac on Unsplash


Halloween’s coming! If you want to turn your vehicle into a “spookmobile” and are looking for some inspiration, this is the article for you! We’re going to present some of the best decorations you can use to spook not just kids but fully-grown adults!


Fake Blood spray for the outside of your windshield! - When you mention the word “Halloween,” blood comes to mind immediately. You can buy blood sprays for a meager price nowadays, but the fun it brings makes the purchase seem like it’s worth millions.


Here’s one we liked


Pumpkins. Pumpkins everywhere! - Pumpkins at the front, at the back, inside, outside, it doesn’t matter! Pumpkins are the traditional Halloween decorations that never get old! We don’t know about you, but seeing a few Jack-o’-lanterns as a kid was quite spooky!

This one just reminds us of childhood

Webs for the chassis - Spiders and webs generally scare people, even if they are tiny. Imagine if you put a couple of decent-sized ones for your DIY “spookmobile”! There’s a wide variety of spider and web decorations out there, but those, in our opinion, are the best bang for your buck: 


The Halloween Giant Spider

Kangaroo Stretchy Spider Web


Although we have provided you with these guidelines, feel free not to follow any of them and decorate however you like! Halloween, at its core, is a creative holiday, full of expression and meant to be fun and freeing!

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