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Summer Playlists For The Devoted Car-adventurer!

The perfect Summer playlist for the devoted car-adventurer has some pretty classic tracks. We all know them–they’re the songs that cue up during a road trip scene or just as the hero drives off after accomplishing his quest. They’re the songs that play as the sun begins to set and the credits roll. We have your list of classics with some new jams you’ll love on your next road trip!

Classic Car Songs for Your Summer Trip

Your best Summer playlist will have nostalgic songs, energizing songs, and hopefully songs that are not too distracting (we all love the Cupid Shuffle, but it probably shouldn't play while you're driving). If you’re driving with your kids, you’ll also need a few songs that don’t prompt eye-rolls. We have suggestions for you and your family: 

  1. Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane or Rascal Flatts. This is a classic road-tripping song, and you can even add it twice since the Rascal Flatts version is a bit different!
  2. I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash. This is another road trip classic that will be especially fitting for a cross-country trip. 
  3. Route 66 by Chuck Berry. Guide your kids through geography and music history with this Chuck Berry classic. 
  4. Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna. This one is, unfortunately, still probably a “classic” or an “oldie” if you have young kids (can you believe it?), but the upbeat pop song by still relevant singer Rihanna is all about driving!
  5. Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles. A Ray Charles song brings another glorious opportunity for road-trip music history. 
  6. Cruise by Florida Georgia Line. This Florida Georgia Line song will make you want to roll your windows down!
  7. Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo. Okay, this song your kids will definitely know.
  8. Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. This Kenny Loggins song will, at the very least, replace the energy drink you were thinking about stopping for!
  9. Freedom Was A Highway by Jimmy Allen and Brad Paisley. This is another newer song, but it still will make you appreciate the open roads. 
  10. Drive My Car by The Beatles. And to round it all out, a classic by the Beatles!

And if you have itty-bitty ones, don’t forget to throw in every toddler’s favorite song: The Wheels on the Bus! 

Visit Us Before You Head Out

You should do a few other things before heading out on your road trip. The playlist is necessary–some may even say essential–but other vital things must be managed before you start your drive. Make sure to check your fluids, have your emergency kit packed and in the car, and that your tires are good to go. On the road, ensure you always have at least a half or quarter tank and be mindful of rest stops and gas stations.

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