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Survival Tips for Being Stuck in Your Car During Winter

One of our worst nightmares is being stuck in our car during a winter snowstorm. You can’t help but think of this as a hopeless situation, but fortunately, the team at Dubwerx has a knack for making the most out of any situation. Positivity is key, along with these survival tips for being stuck in your car during winter: 

  1. Don’t abandon your vehicle. You may want to leave your vehicle in search of help, but your car is an excellent source of shelter. Unless you can actually see a building, don’t go anywhere -- stay with your car. 
  2. Notify the authorities with your cell phone. Don’t try and tough it out. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially as those temperatures start dropping as the sun goes down. You can pinpoint your location using your GPS. Get this done right away, as you don’t want or know when your cell phone battery might die. 
  3. Make sure you are visible to any rescuers or oncoming traffic. Use a piece of colorful fabric, make use of your car horn, etc. to call any and all attention to yourself. 
  4. If you can, clear your exhaust pipe regularly. Run your engine periodically, because if you let it clog, you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  5. If you can, make sure to run your engine sparingly to make sure your battery doesn’t die and your fuel doesn’t freeze. If the sun is out and night hasn’t fallen yet, take advantage of the natural warmth, and don’t turn your car are. 
  6. Stay warm! Put on any and all clothes and blankets you may have in your vehicle. Block off any unused space and insulate any windows with whatever materials you have in your vehicle. 
  7. Pay attention to the radio, evaluate road conditions, and do your research so you only drive during the safest and calmest times of holiday traffic. Always be prepared because you never know what might happen. 
  8. Bring your Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche to the technicians at Dubwerx for an inspection, especially if you are planning a winter road-trip. Utilizing the latest and greatest technology, along with their ample knowledge, our technicians will ensure your vehicle is in excellent condition, and you won’t deal with any surprises on the road. 

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