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Take the Scenic Route: 6 of the Best Back Roads in Cincinnati

There is almost a no better way to spend a Saturday, jamming out to your tunes and escaping the realities of daily life just for a minute while you traverse through a picturesque route, only you and your car. We are fortunate that Cincinnati is home to some of the best back roads. If you are looking for a way to spend your weekend, we suggest starting here. 

Here are 6 of the best back roads in and around Cincinnati, in no particular order: 

  1. US-52 - Cincinnati to Ripley: This back road places you right up next to the Ohio River. There are also plenty of places to shop, have a snack, and of course, snap an Instagram-worthy photo. 
  2. Cliff Road: Start at the William Henry Harrison Memorial at the corner of Brower Road and Cliff Road in North Bend. After exploring the history of this memorial, continue down Cliff Road for some incredible views. Your endpoint will be up at the Shawnee Lookout, another lovely place to explore. 
  3. Indiana 56 - Aurora to Rising Sun: As the name suggests, this back road route is gorgeous. You actually will cross the border into Indiana and begin your drive in the city of Aurora. This route runs alongside the Ohio River, and you will eventually end up at the Rising Sun. 
  4. 536 to Rabbit Hash: This is easily one of the best drives in Kentucky. Take 75/71 South to Union and get off at 536, and make sure you stop at the community’s general store for a pit stop. 
  5. River Road - on both sides of the river: This is indeed a one-of-a-kind drive. You actually will cross the river in pursuit of one of the picturesque trips in Cincinnati.  Start downtown and head down 50W, which will turn into River Road. Follow River Road until you get to the Anderson Ferry and then travel across the river. When you get off, turn left and take River Road (KY 8) all your way back home. 
  6. The Back Roads from Ross to Oxford: Ohio isn’t Ohio without a drive featuring a cornfield. For that country and small-town vibe, travel to Ross. You can even stop in at Burwinkel Farms for some fresh produce, then follow the Layhigh Road until 748 (Millville Shandon) and make a right turn. Make a left on 129 and then a right onto 732 to end up in Oxford, the quintessential small town. 

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