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Why Is Ohio Called “The Heart Of It All”?

Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

Why Is Ohio Called “The Heart Of It All”?

This Valentine’s Day, as you pick out heart-shaped chocolates and help your kids cut out heart-shaped Valentine don’t forget to tell them that Ohio has been named The Heart of It All. Our beautiful state was named this by the state's tourism department, and though we’ve adopted a few new slogans since then, the story behind it is still one to be proud of. 

A History of Ohio's Nickname

Ohio has been known as the "Heart of It All" since 1984, when the state's slogan was first coined. Now, our tourism slogan is “Find It Here,” which replaced the earlier “So Much To Discover.” All three are great phrases for our great state, but being the heart of it all is a good look near Valentine’s day.

Most Roads Lead Through Here

Though most of our hearts belong to Ohio by default (because we live here and get to revel in the beauty daily), the phrase actually has some factual backing. For one, the phrase showcased the state's central location. Nearly 50% of the US’s population is within 500 miles of Ohio’s capital. Additionally, we have nearly 21 highways here in Ohio, leading to almost every state.

Ohio Is (Sort Of) Heart-Shaped

Additionally, our roughly “heart-shaped” geography inspired this phrase. You might not have ever thought of our state as heart-shaped, but if you’ve ever cut out paper hearts with your little ones, they may end up resembling Ohio! 

Why The Community Is The Heart of Dubwerx

Ohio being the heart of it all means that Dubwerx has to have a unique commitment to our community. Being so close to 71, we get many travelers at our shop, and it's a part of our commitment to treat every customer like they’re family we’ll see again. 


But we also have a special place in our hearts for our fellow Cincinnatians and those living in the surrounding areas who support us–without you all, we couldn’t come to work and do what we love every day.


Dubwerx is dedicated to serving its community and always striving to find new ways to give back. Our community is the heart of it all! 

Visit Us At Dubwerx This Valentine’s Day

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