Cincinnati Brakes Repair

Independent Brake Service for Volkswagen Vehicles and Audi Automobiles

Cincinnati Brakes Repair | Dubwerx

Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles come standard with a state-of-the-art German engineered specialty braking system that allow them to maneuver with grace and stop on a dime. In order to retain the performance and reliability that was engineered when they are new, these vehicles need to have quality OEM grade or better parts and professional inspection and service of these components.


At Dubwerx, our inventory is stocked with OEM grade or better German-engineered braking parts to maintain your Volkswagen vehicles or Audi automobile’s original stopping performance. Do not be fooled by other shops’ claims to offer less expensive brakes or brake services; they just don’t exist. Inferior brake components will not offer the same performance and reliability of the OEM grade parts. Inferior brake components can make noise or other side effects, may not last as long, and they may not be as safe. Non-OEM quality brake parts do not work well on these vehicles. Period. For these reasons, save yourself the inconvenience, additional cost due to failure and hassle, and have the right brake parts installed at Dubwerx.


Should your vehicle need diagnostics on braking performance, anti-lock, warning lights, or parking brake – including the electronic parking brake system as found on late model Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles – the Dubwerx staff is trained to properly diagnose any issues, recommend service and maintenance that will save you money in the long run and keep you safe. We test brake fluid and visually inspect braking components on every vehicle when performing routine maintenance and repairs. Call us or stop by today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Independent Brake Service for Volkswagen Vehicles and Audi Automobiles | Dubwerx