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An often used analogy for servicing your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile is the experience of a person seeing a doctor. The human body is quite complex. A modern automobile is complex in a similar fashion. As a person might develop a symptom, so might your vehicle. Some symptoms are able to be diagnosed almost instantly and without the aid of a trained professional. Imagine that your car stalls. You look at the gas gauge and realize you are out of gas, you have just diagnosed the problem and you also know the solution. For symptoms that are not as straightforward, you can trust the years of experience at Dubwerx to reduce time and cost involved in diagnosis. It is important to understand that the total cost of a service that began with a symptom can include two separate costs, one for finding the problem (diagnostic) and another cost for remedying the problem (the repair). Another important detail to understand is that while we strive to give our customers a complete explanation including total cost of a service, this is not always possible before diagnostic cost has been approved first. Rest assured that Dubwerx will make sure you understand all of the costs involved and you will be involved in all of the decision making process of your vehicles service. Diagnostic is one particular area where the advantage of independent specialization can fully be appreciated. After a symptom has been recorded, a trained technician must come up with several ideas to test. It is important that he choose good ideas, tests that will give measurable results, find the problem as quickly as possible, and consider all variables involved. Diagnostic is one of the more advanced skills a trained technician will develop. Dubwerx’s customers have come to understand that our trained technicians know their car inside and out which results in lower costs and a car they can rely on. Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles are very unique in their design and construction. Significant differences exist when compared to say American, Asian, and sometimes even other German designed cars. One of the most difficult experiences a Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile owner can have is when their car has a symptom and the shop that is trying to work on it is stumped. The car may be out of commission for long periods, may not be fixed properly, and overall costs may be higher due to unnecessary service or work that has to be redone.

Just A Few Independent Diagnostic Services We Offer

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  • Cooling system diagnostic. This service would include such tasks as testing the pH of the coolant, pressure testing the system for leaks, visual inspection of the radiator, hoses, waterpump, and expansion tank, operational testing of the warning lights, thermostat, fans, belts, waterpump, and heat output.
  • Starting & Charging system diagnostic. This service would include battery charging, inspection of battery terminals and hold down, battery testing, visual inspection of the starter, signal to starter and cranking amps, inspection of alternator drive belt, test of alternator output, visual inspection of all cables, and test for power draw if needed.