Dubwerx Frequently Asked Questions


You are welcome to stop by anytime during business hours. For service to your vehicle, we will be able to offer you a higher level of service if you let us know in advance what your needs are and when you would like to bring your vehicle to us. If you have any type of emergency, please do not hesitate to bring your vehicle over right away. If your vehicle is not able to be driven safely,they will take care of all of the details in getting your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile to Dubwerx safely.

Do You Provide Estimates?

Absolutely. On independent maintenance services we are happy to provide an estimate. On independent repairs and diagnostics we will need to see your vehicle in person in order to provide you with the most accurate estimate. Once we see your vehicle, we will absolutely contact you and get your approval before any work in begun. Do not be fooled by other shops estimating repairs over the phone; 99% of the time it simply isn’t possible to give an accurate repair estimate without seeing the vehicle and diagnosis by a trained technician. We have had many vehicles with very high repair estimates come here only to find it was something small. We have also had other estimates for a small job miss something big. What you need is accuracy and Dubwerx can provide it for you. Call us today with any questions you may have.

What Are Your Warranties On Independent Service And Parts?

We provide the Dubwerx exceptional 3 year/36,000 miles warranty on OEM replacement parts that we sell for your Volkswagen Vehicle or Audi automobile. If that part fails during that period, you pay nothing and we cover the parts and labor. We warranty the craftsmanship of our technicians for life. All warranty work must be performed by Dubwerx. Contact us for more information regarding our warranty on performance and or used parts.

What Kind Of Parts Do You Use, And Can I Provide My Own Parts?

90% of our parts are German made from original suppliers to VW vehicles and Audi automobiles. Exceptions would be domestically sourced items that we have determined to be of high quality. We will not install parts provided by the customer.

Scheduled Maintenance For Volkswagen Vehicles And Audi Automobiles

We are able to perform your needed regular and preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Your scheduled maintenance must be performed to maintain your warranty, but you do not have to go to the dealership for this service. Our invoice is proof of service in case of any warranty claim.

A Warning Light Came On, What Should I Do?

Refer to your owner’s manual, but in general, a red or flashing light indicates you should pull your car over immediately, turn it off and have it towed. An orange or yellow light indicates a problem and you should contact Dubwerx for an appointment.

Timing Belts

Two-thirds of all vehicles are fitted with an engine timing belt that requires replacement between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. On many of these vehicles, a timing belt breakage can result in thousands of dollars in engine damage. If you have purchased your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile used and do not have records of the timing belt being changed, we can inspect your vehicle and determine if it is due for replacement.

Oil Sludge 1.8T

The oil sludge problem is a well-documented issue with the 1.8-liter turbocharged engine as found in the VW Passat 1.8T vehicle and Audi A4 1.8T automobiles. See our description in the oil change page.

Automatic Transmissions

Most VW vehicles and Audi automobiles with automatic transmissions made after 1996 are considered “maintenance free” and are not recommended to have fluid or filter changes for the duration of their lives. We disagree, to a point. If your car has low enough miles, we think regular fluid and filter changes may extend the life of your transmission. However, on higher mileage transmissions, we do not recommend any service, due to the possibility of the transmission performing worse! Please contact us for further information regarding service for your make and model.

Aftermarket Warranties

With the purchase of a used Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile, many dealerships offer extended warranties for an additional cost. Many typically cost between $500 and $2000 and can be hidden in the price of the car. They have very little value and Dubwerx does not recommend them! If you read the fine print there are so many limitations that you are unlikely to recoup your investment unless you have a major engine failure. And you can avoid a major engine failure by having your used Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile inspected before you buy it and by maintaining it properly. There is no substitute for having a used vehicle inspected before you buy it.