Performance Modifications and Tuning for Volkswagen Vehicles and Audi Automobiles

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If you want your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile driving experience to be more exciting, you need to stop by or call Dubwerx today! We have deep roots in the performance side of the industry and a significant part of Dubwerx’s beginnings were based around an enhanced driving experience. This means we’ve been modifying Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles longer than most. We’ve seen it all and with an almost infinite amount of options there is a lot to know! We know which enhancements work well, which ones don’t, and where the compromises are. What we can offer you is expertise in listening to what your needs are and providing reliable solutions.

We have many philosophies on this subject. One is…”Tune to suit.” Simply, this means that you can tell us what you want your car to do and trust us to tell you how to get that result in a way that maintains reliability, drivability, and gets the additional performance. Although we do offer independent service for off-road and racing Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles, our focus is on vehicles that are driven regularly on public roads. This means that solutions must be reliable, have minimal side effects to being driven on the street, and get you those results you want! Our Problem Solver is fond of saying, “It goes, it turns, it stops!” That’s his way of saying I like the way this car drives, it drives the way I want it to, not just how it was originally intended to. We all love our cars and enjoy the driving experience greatly. All of our staff drive modified vehicles. We believe that when it comes to performance, you can have reliability, daily driver feel, and performance all in one with minimal compromises. We look forward to your performance inquiry!


There is no shortage of parts in this world that can be installed in addition to or in place of an original Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile part. Performance parts come in several different varieties. Some can simply be a very high quality replacement part, some can offer extended use, and others can change the way your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile drives. One of the biggest challenges is deciding which parts will be right for you; there are literally millions to choose from. This is where you can count on Dubwerx to recommend performance parts based on actual experience and let you know what you can expect. The engineers of Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles design their cars to perform at a level not always found in other makes. When choosing a performance product, it is very important to maintain this level of quality. Unfortunately there have been parts manufactured that claim to increase performance but actually lower the value of your vehicle and do not provide reliable, drivable, or performance results. We are here to insure that does not happen. Over the past decade as Dubwerx has grown, one particular Volkswagen vehicle and Audi automobile performance company has also been growing. We partnered with them a long time ago because we shared the same philosophies that enhancements should be reliable, drivable, and give the maximum performance possible. Due to their incredible dedication to quality and performance, APR has grown to be the world leader in Volkswagen vehicle and Audi automobile performance and we are proud to offer all of their products. Here is a list of some of the companies whose products we support as quality enough to be installed on your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile… – APR – The absolute best when it comes to Volkswagen vehicle and Audi engine performance including engine software tuning, exhaust systems, turbocharger upgrades, and so much more. If you haven’t already, check them out now at ! Southbend clutch – This is a great example of a company who, like us, chose to independently specialize; and the results are great. They make a high quality product and are very knowledgeable. It’s been great to partner with them. They don’t just want to sell you a clutch, they want to sell you the right clutch for you and make sure you’re happy with the performance. Check them out here Bilstein suspension – Bilstein has been a supplier for OEM parts for Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles for many years. This positions them excellently to develop higher performance parts based off of the OEM. One of our favorites at Dubwerx is the Bilstein sport shock. It offers reliability, a great level of comfort for a sport shock, great high performance handling, and a lifetime warranty. What else could you ask for? Because of these reasons, Dubwerx is happy to always recommend Bilstein shocks if your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile needs a shock replacement.

Independent Services

  • Installation of software for your engine controller to increase horsepower and torque.
  • Installation of a performance exhaust system to free up power and give your car’s engine a sound that you can hear!
  • Installation of upgraded brake pads, rotors, and calipers so that you are able to safely slow your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile down. This is especially important if you have increased the engines power.
  • Installation of performance dampers (shocks), springs, and other suspension items to insure that your vehicle handles any turn as safely as possible. Turning is fun!
  • There are many more independent performance services than can be listed here. Call or stop by Dubwerx today to discuss your performance needs, we look forward to your car performing the way YOU want it to!


Retention of the Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automotive original powertrain warranty and warranty of modified products and services are unique depending on the performance product and the vehicle. You can trust Dubwerx’s trained sales staff to help address all warranty questions and make sure that an enhanced driving experience is right for you.