Cincinnati Audi and Volkswagen Maintenance

Maintenance for your Audi Automobile and Volkswagen Vehicle by an Independent Service Facility


Cincinnati Audi and Volkswagen Maintenance | Dubwerx

There are a lot of terms that relate to work done to your automobile. At Dubwerx we define maintenance as work done to your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile in the interest of keeping it in the best shape possible so as to avoid unnecessary and unplanned work that can be more costly and inconvenient. Repair is a term used to commonly describe the work not done as maintenance. While repairs are not always as planned for as maintenance tends to be, the Dubwerx staff is on point to help guide you through any needed repairs on your vehicle to get you back on the road quickly and at a fair price. Service is a more general term that can encompass all work done to your vehicle. Our philosophy on maintenance is simple. Proper maintenance will save you money over time. Due to specialization, we have been able to fine tune our maintenance plans to maximize the value of your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile. The average Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile can easily provide reliable transportation to 200,000 miles and beyond, and provide their owners with a great driving experience, as well as lower costs when compared to purchasing a different vehicle every few years or leasing.


The start of any regular maintenance is to define a regular interval where a trained professional will perform services recommended at that interval, and thoroughly inspect your vehicle to check for any needed repairs. At Dubwerx, we believe that the proper interval is 5,000 miles. Every 5,000 miles your vehicle’s mileage should be compared to the maintenance plan for that model, the engine oil and filter should be replaced, tires should be rotated, and all systems on your vehicle should be inspected to make sure they are functioning as intended. Call us today to discuss your vehicle’s maintenance or set up an appointment.


Modern Volkswagen vehicle and Audi automobile engines are manufactured to the highest standards and are more tolerant than older designs when it comes to oil change intervals. Technology in modern oil has also come a long way. At Dubwerx, we use the highest quality engine oils and only oils that meet the Volkswagen vehicle and Audi automobile specific designations such as 505.01, 502.00, 505.00, 504.00, and 507.00 to name a few. We have had our engine oil tested in a laboratory after it was used in the vehicle to further guarantee its quality over time. It’s good for 5,000 miles – we guarantee it!


In our opinion, the 10,000 miles interval simply has not been around long enough to vet its long term effects. To double the standard oil service interval without adding ANY additional oil capacity and ANY additional size to the oil filter seems unwise to us. We have seen both newer and older engines that burn oil, sometimes up to a quart every 3,000 miles. We have also seen issues due to dirty oil such as damage to expensive camshaft timing components and engine oil sludge. When a Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile owner chooses to go 10,000 before changing their oil, they may be increasing their chance of expensive engine repairs due to dirty oil and low oil level. Changing the engine oil regularly is one of the most inexpensive services that can be done and can save you the most money when your vehicle makes it to 200,000 miles without a major engine repair needed. It has been suggested that some manufacturer’s extended oil change intervals are due to planned obsolescence and lower advertised maintenance costs which are reasons to drive new business to a manufacturer. Dubwerx is not in a position to know for sure but, with what we have experienced, we are confident that overall maintenance costs will be lower with a 5,000 mile maintenance that not only replaces engine oil and filter, but also includes a complete inspection by a trained technician.