Independent Warrantied Repairs for Volkswagen Vehicles


Cincinnati Volkswagen Repair | Dubwerx

In a perfect world, you would know the exact times when your Volkswagen vehicle needs service and what services to plan for. While your Volkswagen vehicle may be the perfect car, this is far from a perfect world and some VW vehicle repairs you just can’t plan for. Our vehicle-specific and ASE trained technicians know what to look for and they thrive on figuring out even the most complex repair situations. They want to know why the repair is needed, how to repair the car quickly (and properly) and how to ensure the repair won’t be needed again in the near future. As you talk to our friendly independent service staff, you will find out why the problem came to be and if a change in your vehicle’s maintenance can possibly help to lower repair costs. Not only is our independent service staff friendly and professional, but they know German-engineered cars inside and out. While your Volkswagen automobile required the skill and expertise of dozens of German engineers who were each focused on one miniscule aspect of your entire vehicle, our technicians have the edge they need to diagnose and fix all problems quickly – Specialization and hands-on experience. Our technicians have seen it all. In fact, when you bring your Volkswagen automobile into our independent service shop for repairs, no matter what issue you seem to be having, our technicians have likely seen your problem before. Knowing what is wrong with your car can save you money and we’ll have you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Bring your Volkswagen automobile into Dubwerx and get an unheard of 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on all the repairs we perform on your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automobile. This shows that we believe in our parts and services, because – for your VW car– only the best parts and service will do.


Need service after-hours? Call us immediately so that we can help. If your vehicle is inoperable, we can arrange to have your car transported here by OKI Towing. OKI will then safely deliver your vehicle right to one of our bays. To arrange for OKI to pick up your vehicle on your own. If your vehicle is able to be driven, park it in our lot as soon as you can and we’ll have it looked at the following morning. To ensure that your vehicle is seen the moment we open for business, we advise that you lock your vehicle and leave your keys in our night drop box.